… influential words pack a powerful punch


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but think about the last time you caught sight of an image that piqued your curiosity. You probably looked for a caption or skimmed through the story it accompanied looking for the words that gave you some insight, right?

Words pack a powerful punch. And we know which ones to use and how to use them, for maximum impact.

Words can help direct your target audience to a call to action – whether that’s a purchase, a click or a share – a couple of the right words at the right moment have powerful impact.

For a start, words are influential. Seriously influential. Sure, you could argue that one kick-butt image is worth a thousand words. But think about the last time you saw a photograph that caught your attention or tugged at your heart strings. Did you want to know more about the image?

The answers to where, what, why, how and when were likely found in the words accompanying that photograph.

Words matter choose carefully

Our words showcase your:

We craft words to suit your project:

Words are the little treasures that tip people over the line to drive a purchase. Make a commitment. Finalise a decision. Words help fine tune our dreams, goals and aspirations. At the very least, words provide clarity amongst clutter.

Cleverly crafted words will lead people to your publication, brand, destination, resort, property or whatever the heck you’re selling or marketing.

Yes, words do matter.


Copywriting: The Reef House - Rejuvenation Season
Copywriting: The Reef House - 7 day guest itinerary
Copywriting The Reef House - Day Spa blog post
Author: Boating Guide to NSW published by New Holland
Digital editor: Travel Play Live magazine
Blog editor: Cairns & Great Barrier Reef QLD

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“Words are my tools,” says Fiona Harper, the wordsmith behind MiTribe Media.

“My days are spent writing, reading, rearranging or editing them. I’ve also been known to create a few of my own. Yes gliking (as in glam hiking) I’m looking at you.”

“Words jubilantly slip into my bed at night jeering and jostling amidst the jumble of slumber. Recalcitrant ramblings are with me when I wake, clamoring for clarity before the first cup of tea is brewed. On most days they’ve fallen nicely into line by the time my computer is switched on and I start writing.”

“Other days? Admittedly there are days when the words congeal like an unappetising dogs breakfast before I can convince them to behave and get into line. Sometimes the words end up in a beguiling discombobulation of mixed metaphors before they fall into place with just the right amount of zing. “

“Words hitch a ride with me up mountains, under the sea and across forest trails. They’ll never turn down an invitation to join me on a tropical island, lulled into submission by a gentle trade-wind whooshing through the fronds of a coconut palm.”

Like me, words are equally partial to a mojito or a marathon. They flutter in the breeze like a luffing headsail patiently waiting for a sailor to trim the sheets. Stashed in my backpack alongside the cameras, words compete with images for attention.”

Words. They are indeed demanding little critters that command respect.

Fiona Harper

Fiona Harper

Author | Writer | Photographer | Digital editor
Fiona Harper has worked across broad fields in the media, travel, tourism & marine industries. She launched MiTribe Media to bring all creative projects under the one platform.


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